The hood that raised me...

The hood that raised me...

Life is the Luxury: vol 1 

The hood that raised me

By Aaron Manuel

I grew up in a city outside Flint, Michigan and went to high school during the turn of the century ( I like saying that because it sounds dramatic although factual). I have come to realize that the culture of my peers in school promoted individuality, thus individual style, much more in fact than environments I’ve faced as an adult.

In a weird way it was positive peer pressure introducing a new path for self discovery. This environment assisted in my exploration of what was meaningful to me and that was reflected with the clothes I chose to wear. 

At the time I didn't identify with most popular brands so I did a lot of vintage shopping and would couple it with toned down high end pieces that became staples throughout my high school career (and beyond).  This was one of the safest, most creative, and authentic spaces I have ever been in.  Growing up in this atmosphere inadvertently helped to mold the future of Marty Moto. 

It’s interesting to comprehend the pervasiveness of our conformity. Not just in style but within our own lives. Choosing to do things, wear things, and inhabit spaces that do not actually reflect who we are and so often heed the ominous cultural opinion of what looks good and what doesn’t. Fashion is whatever you want it to be, your style is your own, your life is yours and you owe nothing to anyone. I am grateful for the environment I grew up in because it forced me to become an individual and commit to what I wanted for my life.

The pieces that I create are meant to be a frame for each person's style so that we may boldly inhabit our respective spaces. We are more than what we are told, we are individuals who can fearlessly choose whatever we want for ourselves and in my opinion, that honest choosing will always define true style.

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Thank you all. There’s more to come!

Aaron@Marty Moto

Very true Aaron. I appreciate your willingness to shout out to your home community for helping you develop your style. So proud of what you are doing.


Yes, to fearlessness.


Love hearing your story. Marty Moto is definitely one to watch


So good

Nicholaus Stansberry

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