Who we are

Marty Moto is a fashion brand for those who confide in modern, functional and architectural design. Offering the classic essentials, we create timeless pieces which seamlessly flow from one season to the next; complimenting any look; from casual to formal.

Derived from the Swahili word 'Moto' (meaning fire), it is a reminder that we are meant to be more than a gentle flame. Wherever you go, whatever you wear, start a fire and leave a trail.

Welcome to Marty Moto.


Since formally launching in 2016, we remain carefully and ethically conscious as we consider each new addition to the brand.

Our pieces are designed to arouse confidence and sophistication, enhancing your style and heightening your experience of every day life. We do this by combining meticulously sourced materials with skilled craftsmanship, using the finest leather and resilient hardware.

There is a theory that time is a non linear and cyclical phenomenon. The past and future exists simultaneously, and what is to come has already happened. This idea serves as a reminder that in any moment we are both reciting the past and creating the future of fashion; each of our style decisions could in turn reflect a personal time capsule.